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5 services for mass distribution in Telegram

After Western social networks were blocked, business owners had to look for alternative channels of promotion, and many opted for Telegram. According to the latest data, the messenger’s average daily audience has grown by more than 65% in six months. And among these users, you definitely have potential customers. You just need to learn how to find them and properly communicate important information.

In this article, we have collected the best services for sending mass telegrams. Thus, you can send promotional messages, attract new subscribers to your channel and even automate the learning process in your online course.

5 best services for sending to Telegram

Before we suggest mass messenger apps, we’ll let you know that Telegram has blocked accounts if spam is suspected.

If you start messing around with ads from unfamiliar users or exceed the message limit, spam centers will log suspicious activity. At best, the app will limit sending messages for a while, and at worst, it will ban you.

To avoid getting spam alerts and losing your account after sending your first mass email, follow the rules below:

  1. Do not send spam through publicly available channels. This is the easiest and fastest way to lose your account.
  2. Clearly discuss the terms of advertising with channel owners so that subscribers don’t complain about your creatives.
  3. Send mass mailings only to a hot base that agrees to receive messages from you.
  4. It will also be helpful to periodically check how your audience is responding to the mail. Add it to your channel or reply group settings so subscribers can give you feedback.

Let’s move on to an overview of the services.


allows you to send mass emails to Telegram in its own database. Messages can be supplemented with images, files, links and buttons, forms for accepting payments. Data about all e-mails in the messenger are stored in Sendpulse’s personal account. You can track statistics not only in the browser, but also in the application on your smartphone.

To send mail to Telegrams using SendPulse, you first need to create a new bot in the messenger via @BotFather and get a token using the commands /newbot and /token respectively. Then you connect the bot to Sendpulse and set up the first message chain in the service’s personal account.

You can use the software for free if you have up to 1,000 subscribers in your database. To work with a larger audience, you will have to pay 10 or more euros per month, depending on the number of people.


Unisender allows you to create not only email newsletters, but also chatbots for Telegram. The service works on the same principle as SendPulse: it creates a bot in Telegram, binds it via a token in your account, sets up a message chain and launches the newsletter. Once you launch Unisender for free — the service will tell your email subscribers about the new chat bot in Telegram. And it will do this in an automated mode.

Unlike Sendpulse, Unisender software includes a database of ready-made templates. You can choose a suitable scenario and quickly edit messages without having to think through the whole chain from scratch.

Telegram sending to up to 500 people will be free of charge. If there are more subscribers in the database, you will have to pay depending on the volume of the base.

You can’t run spam mailings in Unisender. You will have to attract subscribers to the Telegram bot.


is a service with which you can initiate mass mailings to chats and private messages. The tool is grayed out, but you risk almost nothing — all messages are sent through the software, not your account. Your Telegram channel can be followed via a link in the promotional message, but there will be very few people who will notice.

You don’t need to start a chatbot to send mass mailings to 3seller. You just need to register with the service, select chats with your target audience or upload your database, create a promotional message and start the mailing.

Your balance will be charged for each message delivered. The first 10 messages can be sent free of charge.


TeleREG — is a program and web service with which you can register new Telegram accounts, split the audience of any channel, and send mass mailings to your own and other people’s base. The tool is grayed out, although the TeleREG administration claims on their website that their software does not violate the requirements of Russian law and messenger rules. Mass sending in Telereg can be launched only in the paid version of the program. For those who have doubts about the software provider, the possibility of paying the tariff through the Kwork exchange has been implemented. All questions about the operation of the program can be asked to the technical support specialists — they will quickly answer even for users of the free version.


LessonDelivery — is a simple and convenient service suitable for EdTech companies and private information companies. With its help, you can create an intelligent bot in Telegram that will send students study materials, collect statistics on completed assignments, and remind them of the release of new courses. To automate the work of an online school, all you need to do is set the order in which messages are sent once.

You can connect payment services to the LessonDelivery app and receive payments from students as they complete the course. Students will see information about all transactions in correspondence with the Telegram bot, and you will be in your personal account on the service’s website.

All features of the platform are available for free, but there is a limit on the number of bots, courses, and students. If you are just starting online learning, the features of the trial version are enough for your eyes. As you get bigger, you can edit your subscription — at the time of publishing this article, the minimum annual fee was $70.

Posts make it easy to communicate with your customers. Use them to inform your subscribers about promotions, notify them of order status, or send new assignments for your online course.

SendPulse and Unisender services are best for sending promotional, informational and trigger messages. To start a telegram newsletter with them, you need to create or connect a bot via a token.

LessonDelivery is suitable for automating the work of an online school. Students can send teaching materials by telegram and receive detailed statistics in their personal cabinet.

3Seller service will be useful if you want to attract new subscribers to your channel. Keep in mind that the mail bases may be of low quality, but you still have to pay for each delivered message.

TeleREG program is a gray advertising tool for Telegram, although the developers claim otherwise.

If you spam public chats and channels, send messages to strangers, your Telegram account may be blocked temporarily or permanently.


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